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Chiaogoo Blue Twist Shorties Set - Small

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Chiaogoo Twist Blue Shorties 2"& 3" (5cm - 8cm tips)

These sets are for seamless small circumference knitting in the round and are perfect for knitters who do not like using double pointed needles. They can be used for socks, sleeves, necklines and cuffs.

With this set you can make 9″ (23 cm) through 14″ (36 cm) circulars. This set includes 10 sets of 2″ (5cm) solid stainless steel & 3″ (8cm) hollow stainless steel interchangeable tips: 3.50mm, 3.75mm, 4.00mm, 4.5mm and 5.00mm in both 5cm and 8cm tips.

Also included is a secure tip sleeve, three [S] diameter blue X-Flex cables (5″/13cm, 6″/15cm & 8″/20cm), end stoppers, tightening keys, connectors, stitch markers and a mini needle gauge all in a blue, pocket-sized nylon fabric pouch. The 2″ (5cm) tips have a tightening hole to ensure you get a secure connection.