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Isager Spinni - 100g

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Isager Spinni and Spinni Tweed

100% Pure New Danish Wool, Spun in Denmark

Single Ply - Heavy lace / light fingering

Handwash cold

100g - 600m (2 x 50g - 300m)

Stunning range of colours in this Isager range, Spinni Tweed (S) colours are dyed on grey fleeces, which provide a subtle marl/heathered look. This yarn can be used for shawls and garments. As Spinni is a single ply yarn spun in a single direction, it is not really suitable for knitting stocking stitch in the round, as the knitted fabric will have a tendency to skew. If working in the round in a textured pattern this will not normally be a problem.

This yarn is often knitted with lace mohair and other fluffy lace or lightweight yarns, to provide a luxurious and longer lasting garment.

Working with the Isager range is like an artist working with an amazing palette of textures and colours to produce a unique and luxurious final canvas.

This yarn comes packaged in 100g / 600m skeins (2 x 50g), which needs to be wind into balls before knitting. It can be sold in 50g / 300m (£7.75). Please email me, if you require 50g skeins and I will split the skeins and re-label them and sent you a direct payment link. Also, please let me know if you require me to wind them before posting.