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Eat & Knit by Marianne Isager

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Cosy knits and cheerful dishes.

Printed in Denmark, 2020

Latest knitting patterns by Danish knitwear designer Marianne Isager and food recipes from Camillo's Kitchen. All recipes and patterns in Eat & Knit are built around a fruit or a vegetable. You will find six beautiful pullovers, a lovely scarf, crisp pizzas, fresh salads, delightful snacks, fresh-caught fish, spicy mussels, sweet cakes - and drinks for the sunset at the beach.

The book was created at the former elementary school, Tversted Skole, where Isager developed an active and modern cultural centre. Camillo's Kitchen was created to host communal dinners and events. Tversted is known for knitwear and yarn and in the summer for its food, jazz events, and long beaches. It has created a unique environment for creativity and for human warmth and care. It was in this spirit that EAT and KNIT was created.