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Astair - Maol

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a s t a i r journey

Taking you on a journey across the Three Peaks of South Uist, Astair pauses and takes in the breathtaking scenery, heritage and features of this rugged land. Though small in stature; Thacla, Beinn Choradail, and Bheinn Mhòr present a side to Uist that is today wild in spirit though steeped in history.

Born from a partnership between Claddach Farm, Fife, and Uist Wool, Astair talks of many journeys.

  • A journey into the unknown. Working with alpaca fibre has been a new learning curve on the mill floor.
  • A journey from Fife to Uist with the Carrs of Claddach Farm.
  • A journey through the islands, exploring the lesser-known land and history of the Eastern side of South Uist.

Colourway: Maol- Small mountain-top plateau

Respite from the heather climb and scree, Maola Breac is a particular favourite grazing spot for remaining upland sheep water collects in shallow green earthy pools.

Maol is a strawberry blond and caramel yarn and is a blend of locally sourced white Cheviot and red alpaca fibres.

50g - 170m

4ply - heavy fingering

Hand wash cold

Uist Wool is a new venture inspired by co-operative values. The original idea to build a new Mill in North Uist emerged from a collective will to find a fresh purpose for local fleece that would reconnect the community with their cultural heritage of wool-working.